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Give Your Property A New Look

Specialists in timber window repair, restoration & replacement

Weathered, aging and wear and tear are all causes of common issues with wooden sash and casement windows.

Pure specialise in the repair, maintenance, refurbishment, draught proofing and upgrades of a variety of bespoke, hand crafted traditional timber sash and casement windows throughout the Eastern counties, East Midlands, Kent, Home Counties and London. Transforming your old, rotten, rattling and draughty windows into beautiful, draught free working windows.

We offer a full window service, so if you don’t see your requirements then please call to see how we can help.

A window overhaul and draught proof will considerably cut the draughts, rattling, and noise to a point your home will be significantly more comfortable. Why not breathe new life into old, tired, sash and casement windows, we have the skill and experience to return usability to your windows to their former glory.

You don’t need to buy new windows when you can double glaze your existing sash or casement windows and have a draught proofing system installed, these will have massive effects on the issues you had previously. If you want to increase sound proofing even more then we can install secondary glazing to wooden windows as well. The results of this are brilliant.

We believe sliding sash windows are an essential feature of a period building’s character as do may conservationists and potential buyers. That’s why we are passionate about restoring, repairing and improving your sash windows.

Our Services Include:

  • Draught Proofing

  • Sound & Heat Insulation
  • Fixing Rattles
  • Fixing Broken Sash Cords
  • Replacing Rotten Wood
  • Replacing Locks & Pulleys
  • Upgrading To Double Glazing Units
  • Securing Loose Windows
  • New Bespoke Windows & Cills
  • Unsticking Painted Shut Windows


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